Casei Gerola Logistics Park:

what we did



Light Pollution Reduction

Good lighting design involves reducing the environmental impact and light pollution of the building to wildlife. In addition, automatic shutdown of outdoor lighting ensures reduced energy consumption.


Heat Island Reduction

Permeable, light-colored walkways minimize effects on microclimates and wildlife habitats by reducing heat islands.


Site development - Protect or Restore Habitat

By planting non-invasive vegetation, the entire project restores existing natural areas to provide habitat and promote biodiversity.


Indoor Water Use Reduction

A stormwater collection tank is provided to be used for toilet drains and the irrigation system. This choice optimizes the efficiency of the water system by reducing the use of potable water.


Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction

Life cycle analysis helps identify different strategies to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the building's life cycle.


Building Product Disclosure and Optimization

Sustainable materials with a low ecological impact were selected to reduce the building's environmental footprint.


Quality Views Comfort

The offices offer occupants a connection to the natural outdoor environment through windows that look out to open green spaces and an MEP system with local controls and seasonal settings.


Advanced Energy Metering

All supplies and consumption are managed by a BMS system that can control and monitor all utilities and any problems or failures.

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